Services & prices

All prices are for payment rendered at the time of service, if billed, prices are $25.00 per a unit* These prices  are all discounted as a cash or check discounted price.

MASSAGE: If it´s for chronic pain or just an indulgence the best way we have found to truly sooth your soul and your body is a full body massage in one of our uniquely designed themed rooms. Sinking between the warm sheets takes the chill from your bones and let´s the relaxing begin. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Infant, Geriatric, Trigger Point, Pre-Post sports, and Myofascial Release are a few of the modalities used mixed with the therapists intuition and client input to make for that perfect massage every time. Our therapist´s are Nationally Board Certified and State Licensed.

Massage- $90.00 -90 minutes, $65.00 -60 minutes, $40.00 -30 minutes, $140.00 -120 minutes

Dual Massage-  $160.00 -60 minutes

$5.00 additional for added essential oil to any session

Specialized Migraine/Headache cryo-stone facial massage -$45 for 3o minutes  or $20 additionally added to a 60 or 90 minutes massages

HOT STONE MASSAGE: Hot stone massage is the use of flat heated stones often from basalt, a chosen rock that is rich in iron, as to retain heat. These stones are placed in a pattern on or under the body and/or held in the therapist´s hand during a massage. The heat warms and relaxes while giving those stubborn areas the extra attention needed.

$100.00 -90 minutes


Reflexology is a precise manipulation massage of the feet that reflects the body as a whole. The foot represents the micro system of the body and its organs. What does this mean? If a location on your foot is tender or shows tightness while palpating, the reflexologist can coordinate that area with a part of the body such as sinuses or digestion that you may be having issues with.

$60 -60 minutes



Aroma-Acupoint Therapy is applied to the Huatuojiaji points on the back, T1-L5, to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of the body at a cellular level through therapeutic grade oils or Po Sum On, boosting your parasympathetic nervous system. This therapy is performed lying on an inviting warm table. The smell is Divine

$60.00 -60 minutes


Essential oils are applied mainly, and directly to the spine along with other areas of the body. Our oils are slightly diluted at the time of use, with a carrier oil, for a safe topical application to ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience; this reduces stress, allows the body to release chemicals that encourage balance and well being.

$60 -60 minutes


Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. This healing art is an effective delivery system. The Reiki practitioner serves as a vessel that supplies healing energies where they are most needed by the recipient. It is gentle and yet a powerful experience harmonizing the body as a whole- Mind, body and spirit

$60 -60 minutes



*Units are 15 minute increments