On this FAQ page, you can find details and answers to frequently asked questions.

Insurance coverage

We do take auto injury cases. Many health care providers are starting to include massage in their benefits. With a receipt they will reimburse you. Most HSAs are allowing to pay for massage. At this time medicaid and medicare are not covered.

How often do I need a massage?

Most clients come in every 4 to 6 weeks. Some come weekly and some every three months. This all depends on how well and how long your body releases its tension. Severe Chronic tension release may call for two times a week to get started. And of course by what you can afford.

How do I see available appointments?

Click on the Appointment Booking Button on the left. The calender should appear. Put the cursor over the date you are looking for and click on that date. Scroll to the bottom… off the calender to see the available appointments. Click on the “Book” tab and fill in the information. If it say´s “fully booked” then that time slot is already taken. To change to a different month click the arrows next to the month at the top of the calender. To cancel an appointment click on the Appointment Booking tab again and hit the attached cancel tab then fill out the information.

Can you fix me?

We would love to be able to FIX you however, Usually it took your muscles some time to get in the condition they are in. They could be stresses from repetition of movement or injury. Muscles have memory and sorry to say but the way you feel now is what the muscle thinks is NORMAL. We have to try to erase that memory and some times it takes a few treatments to get it use to being loose again. After it learns to stay loose then we have won the battle. To stay on track might call for some changes in your life style, perhaps posture changes strengthening apposing muscles, change your bed… pillow… retire…. just seeing if your listening. Most of us cant retire so we need to figure out a plan on how to keep our bodies healthy and loose.

What kind of massage do I need?

Swedish which is very gentle and relaxing, perfect for the beginner to start. Deep tissue is a harder slower pressure using elbows and forearms and is designed to relieve sever muscle tension. The hurt you feel from a deep tissue massage should be a good hurt to your tolerance level. Trigger Point Therapy is applied to a hyper irritable spot that is painful and usually triggers a referred pain somewhere else. This technique works great on chronic problems such as headaches and loss of range of motion. Muscle Energy Massage the client uses their strength to resist the action of the therapist then applies a contraction of the opposite muscle. This is often used to relieve muscle spasms. Sports Massage can be applied before an athletic event and uses fast stimulating movements to warm the muscle. No oils or lotions are used and the client remains fully clothed. After an event a slower muscle calming technique is best. A sports massage can help your performance but it can not make you athletic. Prenatal Massage can be givin with the mother on her side or with the use of special cushions. Massage will not cause premature labor or harm to the baby. Its ideal for low back pain and headaches often associated with pregnancy. Infant massage helps the mother an baby bond.

Do I have to get undressed?

Undress to your comfort level. Some people leave all their clothes on. However, a full body massage will be more practical if you undress so the therapist can use lotions or cream which allows for a smooth relaxing massage. It is always up to the client.